All our worldly possessions arrived on Friday, in 222 separately numbered items (actually 221, since item 55, "Sm Trash Can", disappeared somewhere along the route).  We've begun the slow process of unpacking, figuring out where everything goes, and setting it all up.  Paula finished the kitchen today and the living room is more or less under control.  This leaves the bedroom, and office, and guest room, which is where everything we couldn't decide about went initially.  I took a few pictures of it all, they're up in my gallery here.

Also, lower back pain really, really sucks.  It had been bothering me a little bit this past week, I have no idea why, but moving stuff around for the past few days has really aggravated it.  I've never had any problems with it before, hopefully if I take it easy it'll clear up soon.

House update

The inspection didn't turn up anything major.  There are a couple of repairs we want that we asked the sellers to make, but they declined.  They did offer us some some cash, though, to make the repairs ourselves.  That was nice and, frankly, more than we were expecting given that they have other buyers that are willing to take the place as-is.  I guess they just want to get the deal done as quickly as possible.  All of our contingency periods have expired (except financing, I can still back out of the deal if my mortgage falls through), so we're definitely going to be purchasing this house.

Yesterday we received the title report with no defects and the committment for title insurance, so now it's mostly just waiting until the closing date and making sure my mortgage lender actually comes through with the financing (which I have no reason to believe they will have trouble doing).

Once things get a little closer, we'll start calling some contractors to get some work done before we move in.



Today this came in the email:

Hello. My name is Jason Bobbitt and I am from Roanoke, VA. I found a picture that I believe you created and would like to ask permission to use it for album art for a demo cd that my unsigned indy rock band is working on. The name of our band is Signal 7 and we are releasing a demo entitled The 7 Song EP. We would like to use your picture of the 7 sided knot (seven.jpg) on the front of the cd jacket as well as on our website.

More information about our band can be found at http://www.myspace.com/seventhsignal

Amazing what happens when you put something on the web for long enough.

Day 1

Today was like just about any first day in the office.  I'm sure I accomplished lots of things that needed to be done, but it never actually felt particularly productive.  The morning was all HR presentations about benefits and codes of conduct and such, while in the afternoon I spent most of the time trying to sort out why I didn't exist according to some of the servers (turns out there's an automated sync process that was broken today).  I did get a quick intro to the work, though, and it sounds nifty, from what I can tell from here.


We got the house!  Assuming the inspection doesn't turn up anything dire (and that nothing else goes wrong...) we'll be moving in in early December!

It has everything we were looking for in a house... hardwood floors, fireplace, natural gas available so we can put in a gas range, and plenty of juggling space out back.  And we got it at list price, despite there being another offer in.



I just made an offer on a house.  It sounds like there are other people making offers, too, though, so I don't know if I will get it.  Fingers crossed!


Today we went to check out 17 houses.  Of them, several were pretty neat and hopefully we can get in to see the insides with our realtor tomorrow.

Also today we got our first "Is this house really in your price range?" from a seller's agent at an open house.  Must've been the death metal shirt and combat boots.


Huzzah, we have arrived in Seattle!  All of our belongings seem fine, even my gecko (who showed up chilled and sluggish from her ride in the cargo hold, but warmed back up ok) and my coffee tree (we'll see how that does in the gray Seattle weather).  The corporate housing is ok.

Now we are househunting.  There are a lot of houses.  Fortunately, we can't afford most of them, so that narrows it down a bit.