grant (gkjfdh) wrote,


All our worldly possessions arrived on Friday, in 222 separately numbered items (actually 221, since item 55, "Sm Trash Can", disappeared somewhere along the route).  We've begun the slow process of unpacking, figuring out where everything goes, and setting it all up.  Paula finished the kitchen today and the living room is more or less under control.  This leaves the bedroom, and office, and guest room, which is where everything we couldn't decide about went initially.  I took a few pictures of it all, they're up in my gallery here.

Also, lower back pain really, really sucks.  It had been bothering me a little bit this past week, I have no idea why, but moving stuff around for the past few days has really aggravated it.  I've never had any problems with it before, hopefully if I take it easy it'll clear up soon.

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