grant (gkjfdh) wrote,

House update

The inspection didn't turn up anything major.  There are a couple of repairs we want that we asked the sellers to make, but they declined.  They did offer us some some cash, though, to make the repairs ourselves.  That was nice and, frankly, more than we were expecting given that they have other buyers that are willing to take the place as-is.  I guess they just want to get the deal done as quickly as possible.  All of our contingency periods have expired (except financing, I can still back out of the deal if my mortgage falls through), so we're definitely going to be purchasing this house.

Yesterday we received the title report with no defects and the committment for title insurance, so now it's mostly just waiting until the closing date and making sure my mortgage lender actually comes through with the financing (which I have no reason to believe they will have trouble doing).

Once things get a little closer, we'll start calling some contractors to get some work done before we move in.


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